Covid-19 Update

As we all rightly adapt to these rather unsettling times, we wanted to point out a few things we are doing to help in the fight against Covid-19.
It firstly goes without saying that we are still fully operational, however we are taking increased precautions to prevent any chances of cross-contamination. All orders are being stored and packed in sanitised areas in an effort to avoid such happenings.
As for packages and delivery, we are emphasising government contamination advice that ‘the risk is likely to be reduced significantly after 72 hours’. So, we would highly recommend that you place your packages in a safe place for 3 days, to help support this probability.
We feel unbelievably inspired, as I’m sure you do, by the key workers who have continued the daily battle to help to keep the country moving forward in these unprecedented times. We have also been reflecting, as we think about the less fortunate members of society, who have been put under additional pressures to make ends meet.
Not only are our amazing schools proving to be a safe haven for the kids of our nation’s heroic frontline staff, they are also acting as an important refuge for the children whose essential needs rely on the daily support of their education.

It’s through all of this confusion and uncertainty, that we think this seems like an extra meaningful time to uplift and to empower a child in their education. That’s why for the foreseeable future, we will be donating all schoolbags, the essential learning materials and a few added fun extras, to the children of key workers and the vulnerable.

We will be making our next donation trip in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned for more info about all of this on our website and social media pages. In the meantime, try to embrace the simplicity of quarantine and make creative use of your time, don’t regret not doing the things you had such a unique amount of time to do.
Stay Safe,
All The Best,
One Bag Co.