Bag Drop Reports

Bag Drop #2 Report
It is truly remarkable to think how everything has changed since our first donations trip to Kenya at the beginning of this year. As a start-up, we are always accepting the prospect of uncertainty, but it was unimaginable to predict the escalation of Coronavirus and the effect it was going to have on all of our lives. 
As the pandemic contaminated our society and stripped away any sense of normality, it has also brought an inspiring wave of togetherness and solidarity amongst people and businesses. A simple concept which can sometimes feel lost within the frantic distractions of our modern-day lives.
We cannot fail to mention the efforts of our nation’s key workers who have fought this adversity with impeccable responsibility and determination. As we deservedly clap them every Thursday evening, we are also reminded of the wider issues that are currently being exploited. One of these being, the members of society who have been met with additional pressures and complications to make ends meet.
We, at One Bag, wanted to do something to help those affected by Coronavirus and its wider effects. Speaking to members of staff from a variety of schools, we were confident that Bag Drop #2 should be for the children of key workers and to those who are classified as vulnerable.
It was through this process that we decided on Costessey Primary School in Norwich to be the next recipient of One Bag’s donations. As a well-respected school in the local area, it has been playing a key role in providing vital support for a number of children who fall into the category of vulnerable, or whose parents are key workers. 
Earlier this week, equipped with facemasks and rubber gloves, we got to deliver the schoolbags and their associated contents. Whilst warmly welcomed by the Principal at Costessey Primary School, we devised an appropriate plan to say a few words to the children. With social distancing a priority, the pupils gathered in the hallway as we remained on the other side of the door.
They all seemed in high spirits which was hopefully a nice reflection of our reasons to visit. We introduced ourselves and then explained the importance of the schoolbags that we were giving them, expressing our hope to help focus their learning and lift their spirits in these confusing times. 
Undoubtably, the additional ‘fun extras’ were an emphasis of the children’s interest. In particular the Rubik’s cube! These items were a relevant addition to the donations, as the kids currently spent their mornings in the classroom whilst enjoying free time in the afternoon. 
Saying our goodbyes, we headed back to a much emptier looking car outside. Embracing a similar satisfaction as before when we had completed Bag Drop #1. These schoolbags were going to the right children and for the right reasons. Another milestone had been reached. 
Our schoolbag donations cannot be done without the support and engagement of the wonderful people who have got behind the business so far. So, it’s another massive thank you to all of you for continuing to propel our brand mission forward.
We hope that you and your families are all staying safe and healthy during these unsettling times. As we have experienced here, with change comes new opportunities and this is something I think we should all be optimistically embracing in the near future. 
So thanks again and all the best. 
Yours sincerely,
Ben Rossi
Founder of One Bag Co.
Bag Drop #1 Report
A massive thank you to all the wonderful people who have got behind the preorders and allowed us as a company to take a giant leap towards making our mission a reality.

By buying a bag, you have funded a donation of a schoolbag and the learning materials, for a child who needed the support to stay inspired in their education.

For our first ever drop-off of schoolbags, the children in question were the pupils from the Dungu Kundu School based in Watamu, Kenya. Set back down the quiet sandy tracks from the bustling coastal town, this primary school provides the learning for around 500 enthusiastic pupils.

With it being the 30th December, the school was on a well earned break. However it had been arranged that a number of students would come in for the day to do their termly tidy-up of the school, and of course to collect their new schoolbags.

On arrival we were greeted by the pupils, wearing their chequered shirts, standing before the tin roof classrooms which we headed for. With a brief introduction from Mr Anderson; a teacher at the school who also practises as the local pastor, he expressed his appreciation for us visiting.

While setting up the donations in the classroom, it was apparent that the basic yet practical surroundings would be well supported by the materials we were about to contribute. Additionally as the kids started to fill the room you could start to sense the excitement.

To get proceedings underway, a local community officer who accompanied us called Sammy, gave an opening speech in Swahili to help explain our visit. This was followed by a few words by myself to give an insight into the purpose of One Bag Co. and why we felt impassioned about their education.

After the talking we were treated to some singing, with a rendition of ‘Jambo Bwana’. Which was applauded deservingly and tied perfectly into the handing over of the schoolbags.

There were a selection of pupils from a variety of age groups who were all called up in order to receive a bag. Every one of them passed over with a handshake, as a simple gesture of gratitude. With their bags on their backs, it felt symbolic that their education belonged to them and hopefully we had helped to empower that.

With a group photo to end the occasion, we said our goodbyes in the same place we met just a few moments before. However this time notably with a sea of blue bags. A reminder that from receiving orders to delivering the donations, the first cycle of One Bags was complete. Our mission has officially begun!

So as we end a decade and move into 2020, it’s new beginnings as we look forward to our launch in the New Year. Again a massive thanks to everyone who has got behind the business so far, and may it continue.

Happy New Year!

Your Sincerely,

Ben Rossi
Founder of One Bag Co.