With every bag we sell, we have made a pledge to donate a schoolbag equipped with essential learning materials to a child in need.  We distribute all donations ourselves so that we can assure our customers that they get delivered safely to the most worthy recipients. Schools are assessed to make sure our bags are being donated sensitively, in the hope that they will have maximum influence on the children that use them.
To best suit the children wearing them, the schoolbags are a more traditional design of bag and are made for a smaller fit. Each one is equipped with essential learning materials, which consists of: exercise books (squared, lined & plain), pens, rubbered pencils, colouring pencils, a sharpener ,a geometry set and a pencil case.
 We want people to be connected with their donation, as it was them who funded the money to supply it. So that's why we tag each individual bag with a unique number, so that they can keep track of where and when the donation is made. Then after every bag-drop, we publish a full report on the numbers that have been donated.
By making such a pledge as a brand we recognise the commitment we have made, and will prioritise its execution to help positively influence the educational opportunities of the many deserving children around the world.
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